Custom Shirt

Regular price $10.00

  • This is the process we use with custom shirts.
  • 1.) Purchase the “design a custom shirt product.”
  • Email the design you want to This can be a design I’ve previously made in person or online. It can also be a picture or an idea of a shirt you want me to make. The $10 deposit is for the design and any svg or png files needed to create your design. It is nonrefundable and it does not pay for your shirt. It is solely the design. This is for the time it takes to find/pick a design. If additional money is needed for your design you will be notified and an invoice will be sent. In the email express the size and color for your shirt and if there is a specific brand you would like. Our basic shirt is the unisex  Gildan Crew Neck but other shirts are available upon request.
  • 2.) Once the design is created, a mock up will be emailed to you. At this time we will discuss the total price or any changes you would like to be made.
  • 3.) At this time the client can add onto the shirt or express changes they’d like with the shirt. If the client likes the mock-up and doesn’t want to add or change anything, they express so by giving permission to proceed with completing the shirt by paying the invoice for the shirt.
  • 4.) The shirt will be made and shipped to you.