A Bubble Wand?

The Background on my quest to make some last minute Bubble Wands…

My Mini-Me’s Birthday Party is coming up on this Saturday so mommy had to do something unique and special for her that she can’t just go find at Walmart, Target, or any other regular store! So mommy decided to make some BUBBLE WANDS!!! Everyone loves bubbles no matter their age or sex so it was the  PERFECT idea. With my little Angel she’d rather take  a bath than a shower so a Bubble Wand is the PERFECT idea! She can dip her wand in water and blow bubbles and once she’s bored she can break it apart beneath the water in the bathtub and enjoy the wonderful scent of Strawberries & Cream or Cotton Candy!!! Of course, mommy had to make more for her friends to place inside of their goodie bags! WAY TO GO MOMMY!!!

What is a Bubble Wand?

A Bubble Wand is basically solid bubble bath in the shape of a wand that can be used to blow bubbles and to create the most luxurious, soft, and long lasting bubbles for a relaxing, much needed, bubble bath.

The process of making bubble wands… My space is so messy!
Bubble Wands out to dry… Glitter shall be added once dry!